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Solutions for Public Safety to protect first responders and the communities they serve.

Communications and edge networking solutions.

Remote broadcast of video, data streams.

Rapidly-deployed secure mesh networks.

Autonomous unmanned aerial and ground systems.


Live-Stream Secure Video

 Delivering live video from any incident, whether via UAVs, ground robotics, body cams or PTZ assets, Dejero builds on their track record and technology in the broadcast industry to provide situational awareness outward to appropriate end-point viewers.  Highly secure, low-latency video, data and back haul capabilities.  

Incident command vehicles, alternate PSAP capabilities, communications from challenged terrain or locations.

Emergency Management Communications

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Disaster Recovery

Extreme weather such as high winds, flooding, and snow and ice storms can pose a risk to your PSAP facility or PIO studio. Dejero offers reliable back-up connectivity to keep your broadcast on air and retain your content distribution capabilities.

Make Dejero part of your disaster recovery plan. We’ll help you prepare for the worst-case scenario, when connectivity is most critical.

Vehicle Connectivity

Dejero network aggregation solutions add instant connectivity to your mobile units and offer Smart-Blend Technology to increase throughput and bandwidth.

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Vorbeck HD4 Harness


Vorbeck Materials designed the rapidly-deployed HD4 harness specifically to support firefighter/hazmat personnel in the "hot zone" with advanced communications, video, voice and data transport.  This lightweight harness is a fully functioning Rajant mesh network node and provides comms inside the most challenged environments.  

Rajant ES1 mesh network "breadcrumb" and Vorbeck graphene material make this harness optimized for communications and secure data. 

Vorbeck ND4 Drop Node

The ND4 Drop Node incorporates the same mesh radio as the HD4 harness. It has the versatility to be deployed as a low profile package in a confined space or tunnel, to rapidly deploy on a man-portable stand, or to be mounted on a truck boom (to extend mesh coverage over a broad area).


Kinetic Mesh Networking

First responders, emergency response teams, and other public safety personnel have many critical needs to worry about: reliable communications should not be one of them. Unfortunately, they are often dealing with an array of different communications mechanisms, each used for various tasks. Disintegration causes gaps in coverage and fragments much needed visibility into incidents and events. What’s needed is a network to rapidly fill those voids: Rajant Kinetic Mesh®.

Rapid Deployment of Emergency Medical Support


In times of emergency response and during events when the public’s security is critical, real-time situational awareness ensures proper allocation of efforts and resources in line with changing conditions. Rajant’s network provides local connectivity that enables first responders and security teams to broadcast telemetry and video live from the scene back to offsite commanders. Central command can then rapidly assess resource needs and deploy appropriate personnel and assets as situations evolve – mitigating lag times in response when time is of the essence. The high capacity network also easily runs bandwidth-intensive CCTV and supports communications for surveillance drones.

Tactical Mission Support

Tactical teams require real-time advanced situational awareness.  Vigilant Systems Group provides proven, reliable solutions to support fire services, HAZMAT response, law enforcement, DOT agencies and public sector agencies charged with protecting lives.

Public Safety Solutions

Vigilant Systems Group supplies proven edge communications solutions that increase situational awareness and connectivity.

Public Safety Applications

  • "Hot zone" communications and video. Mesh networking.

  • Emergency management disaster response and comms.

  • UAV/Ground robot video streaming.

  • Special Services Units (Hazmat, Fire, Bomb Squad, Chemical response, SWAT, CBRNE)

  • Rapidly-deployed medical triage support

  • Major Event Monitoring

  • Advanced situational awareness capabilities

Dish Antenna

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Vigilant Systems Group  LLC is a New Hampshire USA registered company.  We are affiliated with InfraGard, the national initiative with the FBI for the protection of critical infrastructure as well as National Sheriff's Association, Airborne Public Safety Association, National Tactical Officer's Association, and U.S. Domestic Preparedness Coalition.


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